If you compare home automation to a few years ago to present, the public interest in home automation has changed completely.

From back in the 90’s, when the Jetsons cartoons was the best recollection of showcasing the possible future of home automation, to the 21st century where home automation has become a reality and is surely becoming a new trend in our daily lives.

BUT, although home automation is showing interest in the public eye, there is still a thread of misconceptions which the public are still believing. Let’s take a look at a few misconceptions, and break them down for you:

  • “Home Automation is far too expensive”

A few years ago, home automation was commonly recognized as a system which only the rich could afford for their homes. But nowadays, although the price is still high, you can still get a home automation system for your home. It’s important that you take time to research products relating to home automation systems,  you may be very surprised to what you can find.

  • “Home Automation installation is too much work”

There’s a common misconception, that when installing a home automation system, it requires that your home needs to be re-wired. It doesn’t matter the design or age of a home, people tend to forget that technology has advanced far beyond our dreams already. With the introduction of wireless technology, a entire home automation system can be installed.

  •  “Its too complicated to use”

We are no longer living in the early days of technology, where manufacturers would bring out the latest products, only for you to find that the remote is more confusing than literally trying to fly a plane. Home automated systems are designed and built to be user-friendly to any age.

  • “Its more of a luxury to have”

A common misconception matching to that home automation is for the rich, some people believe that home automation is used more as a tool to show off your home using a remote device to “control your home”, which others can’t do. Although there are some that will do this, if you look at home automation practically, you are actually saving energy and money. Home automation, allows you to control your lighting system in your home, you may schedule the lighting to operate only at certain times of the day.

  • It will require alot of maintenance”

Home automation systems are customizable, professionals in the industry highly recommend that you should never mix different brands into one system. Rather keep to one manufacturer, to ensure that you will receive a easy running home automation system.

  • “The technology will be outdated soon”

Yes, its true that technology is advancing and some forms/types of technology will be outdated in the future, if you  are looking for a home automated system, speak to the professionals in the industry, either you look yourself or you enquire about a system that can easily adapt to the future changes.