AVT Solutions is a digital communication specialist who has taken an integrated approach to providing business communication technology.

Whereas many projects have to be split amongst multiple vendors, AVT Solutions is able to provide an end-to-end solution from designing audio visual and digital signage solutions, to installation and project management, vastly simplifying the installation and service process.

Modern in-store audio systems utilize dispersed audio speakers that ensure an even sound field, coupled with a cloud connected media player. The cloud software allows companies or brands to have centralized control over the audio played in-store or within an office or building. The audio can be easily changed in real-time according to marketing campaigns and promotions.

This solution ensures that all of the stores in the network are playing appropriate audio that reflects their brand identity and in-store environment. Playlists within the network can also be changed so that they are suitable to the store consumer demographic, location and special events.

Modern in-store audio utilizes cloud based technologies to deliver in-store audio systems capable of performing a multitude of functions depending on the store type and situation.

In general:

  • Creates ambiance, and has a proven ability to influence the buying behavior of consumers through mood enhancement
  • Stores can drive a call to action that is completely controlled for time of day, store type and location etc. This can also be controlled at a decentralized store level, or centralized
  • The system can also be used for in-store PA (public address) and emergency evacuation alerts
  • Dayparting of audio playlists (i.e. different playlists for different times of the day)

What we do:

  • Full campaign consulting, design and implementation
  • Music licensing service
  • Audio production for adverts and announcements
  • Hardware installation, servicing
  • Software supply and monitoring

AVT Solutions is certified to integrate, install and support various digital menu board products and brands, such as:

  • NEC
  • PADS
  • Hisense
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Scala