Modern technology has come a very long way, since its origin years back. Look at home automation, for example, when it first came out, it was more common than you would see it in a mansion or otherwise in a “rich mans” house. Nowadays, although the price is still a little high, it has become more available to the general homeowners. Home automation has advanced to make homes easier to function at a simple press of a button.

Using home automation you can have full control over:

  • Entertainment Systems
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Cooling/Heating systems

The list goes on, what capabilities home automation has on offer for a home owner. In this article we will be focusing on light control systems. With the press of a button you are able to operate lighting around the home, and adjust its brightness to suit your mood.

One of the greatest advantages to having a lighting system in your home is being able to program the lighting of your home. Having a light control system, you are able to schedule the lighting to only operate at certain times of the night. For example, when you arrive home in the evening after a hard days work, your last resort would be to turn all the lights on first before you can have an opportunity to relax. Instead, you can program the lights to automatically turn on, minutes before your expected arrival.

When it comes to the aspect of home security, home automation excels in this area. Using a light control system, you can program the lighting to turn on the instant it detects any motion around the exterior of your home. If any unwanted guest wishes to break in, he/she will find the experience more difficult to have access into your home. With the motion detectors, you can set them up to light up the walkways to your front door, especially if you are home late at night.

If your home has a “family room” or multi-purpose room, lighting control system again excels in this area. Depending on the activity taking place in the room, you can adjust the lighting to suit everyone’s mood. For example:

  • For a fun family night, you’d want the lighting to be bright.
  • For a romantic evening between you and your wife/husband, you can operate the lighting to be a little bit dim.
  • Otherwise for a nice relaxed evening, again you can dim the lights to match your mood.

The list is endless, to which levels you can adjust the lighting to match your mood/room environment.

There is a common terminology in light control systems called: “Program Logic”. It allows you as the user to program the lighting systems how you want to. As an example: You can program the lighting in rooms to the only function at certain times, you can also program the lighting to only come on once a motion is detected in the rooms. To continue about the motion detectors, companies are also beginning to use this function. Throughout the day the lighting will remain off, it’s only once movement is detected in the room will the lighting remain on, this is a function that a user can program into their lighting system.

In the modern times we now reside in, companies worldwide are beginning to promote the “Green Initiative”, home automation falls under that category for sure. Installing a light control system/home automation system will save you energy and money. We have all had those moments where we leave home in a rush, forgetting to turn the lights off. An advantage to a lighting system, you can remotely operate the lighting in your home from any location.