If you are a parent, I’m sure you can agree that when it comes to your child’s safety, its a number 1 priority.

Home Automation is a great system to have installed in your home, it will ensure not only your safety but your child’s too. By having cameras installed into areas of your home,  using a remote device like an I-Pad, you can remotely access your cameras to monitor your child.

Although in terms of safety, there are still unanswered questions which parents are asking in terms of the safety of their family.

Questions such as:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it too complicated for a child to understand?
  • Can they access information or appliances that they shouldn’t be using?

It’s common questions such as these which are asked. No questions that have been asked are good or bad.   To help you understand how home automation can benefit your home and your child’s safety, we will be covering some common questions:

Will my children be able to control the system?

Its very common nowadays for a child to be given a technological device, only to find that they can operate using it. Technology is being used everywhere,  scary enough, children are able to pick up very quickly how devices work just by identifying the symbols displayed either on the devices or buttons.

Are the children able to “play” with it?

In other words, can children have access to the home automation system to use it as a toy?

For any device, this would be a major concern coming from any parent. It’s highly recommended that you take your child’s age into consideration before installing a home automation system into your home. If you are going to have wall mounted touch panels installed, make sure that they are placed at a level which is easy for you to use, not at a level which is easily accessible for a child.

It’s best that you childproof areas, hideaway devices like a remote so that your child won’t have access to it. A great advantage to using automation systems, especially on the more modern systems, some are able to provide you with a parental block. You can set a password on certain devices you wish your child not to have access to.

Can it really help to keep my kids safe?

Yes, a home automation system can help make a contribution towards your child’s safety. There are various ways in which home automation can help protect your child:

  • Especially a young child, they are very curious and want to touch or taste everything in their sights. A scary fact is a home is regarded as one of the most hazardous places for a young child to be. One of the most important rules of a house, especially when you have a young child, is that you lock cupboards containing products which are used for cleaning or medicinal purposes, or you pack the items in a cupboard which your child can’t access. Using a home automation system, you can install a locking/alarm system which will notify you immediately that a HIGH RISK” cupboard has been opened. 
  • Some parents don’t feel 100% safe when leaving their child at home with a babysitter or nanny. They would feel more comfortable knowing what is currently happening in their homes and regularly check up on their children by phone every hour or so. Installing internet cameras can help take off the pressure of a parent, instead of having to call, a parent can easily access the cameras to monitor the current situation in the home.
  • We all heard this instruction from our parents when we were children, and we still hear it today. An instruction warning kids not to open the front door to any stranger. A great benefit to using home automation is you can install a video door phone. Instead of your children opening the front door to see who is there, they can now have the ability to see who is outside before opening the front door. An exciting feature on the video door phones, they can take pictures of the person at the door and record the person wishing to access.
  • Security alarm companies, commonly install panic buttons around your home, you can now do the same with home automation. The moment a panic button is pressed it will notify the parent immediately.

Home Automation is a device that is not only meant for showing off your home for entertainment purposes, but its also used for the safety of your family.