When it comes video conference meetings and personal meetings , there are 2 specific factors which will influence a meeting:

  1. The content of the participants they will be sharing
  2. Presentation of each participant (Dress code, attitude)

If either of these are not prepared prior to a meeting, you will be portraying yourself as unprofessional and possibly giving your company a bad reputation.

If you are scheduled to have a one on one meeting, its obvious that you need to be dressed professionally, alternatively during a video conference meeting, there have been cases of people dressing too casual for these meetings, and they end up being more of a distraction.

Below are some scenarios which you should avoid when in a video conference:

1. Don’t dress in pajamas

Strangely enough, this has happened a lot in this form of meetings, when you are at home and the other party are based at the office. As a precaution, wear something over the top half of your pyjamas rather hide what you’re actually wearing. Alternatively, do the wise thing and get dressed.

2. Don’t wear clothing items which may offend anyone

Be very careful what you are wearing when you are in a video chat. If you enjoy wearing t-shirts with graphics, be wise and replace it with a collared shirt for the meeting, thereafter you change it back to what you were originally wearing after the meeting. There have been cases where someone wears a funny graphic shirt only to realize afterwards that the other participant in the meeting is offended by the graphic on your shirt. Rather keep it professional.

3. Don’t show too much skin

Sometimes if you are wearing something which reveals skin, it can give other participants a mixed impression of what you are wearing. Some may assume you could be wearing nothing. It may seem strange/funny, but reality is it can be highly distracting.

4. Your face

Imagine you are going on a date, prior to leaving you would want to present yourself in a manner which is presentable. It’s exactly the same as preparing for a video conference. Focus on the small thing son your face:

  • Are you groomed correctly?
  • Brushed your teeth?
  • Blown your nose

Otherwise besides your dress code, make sure that you look presentable during your video meeting. A added tip, the room which you will be using, make sure that there are no distractions.