Interview with our Johannesburg Branch Manager Matieu Tzouves

Matieu Tzouves, our Johannesburg branch manager, has a vast range of knowledge and experience acquired over 38 years in the audio visual industry. He has built up a list of completed courses and has put the knowledge and experience gained to good use when overseeing high-level projects. Matieu has an amazing sense of humour and is always joking around, one of the things his colleagues love about him.

We wanted to get to know Matieu better and asked him the following questions:

Name: Matieu Tzouves

Position: Johannesburg branch manager

What does your job entail?

Managing the different personalities as well as enabling efficiencies and strategies internally so that AVT can delight our clients, exceed their expectations and add value to their business.

What do you love about working at AVT?

The dynamic of working in a company that has a family culture to it, together with the professionalism of the staff. One never gets bored and seeing the closely-knit staff constantly stretch the boundary to delight our clients as well as the dedication they have, is very exciting.

What question do you get asked the most by clients?

What value will your recommendations/solutions add to our business, and what differentiates yourselves from other companies out there.

What is the most important thing you have learnt since you started at AVT?

That nothing is impossible, with the correct attitude and guidance.

What feature do you think every office needs?

A great coffee machine and giant muffins on tap

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