AVT Solutions is a digital communication specialist who has taken an integrated approach to providing business communication technology.

Whereas many projects have to be split amongst multiple vendors, AVT Solutions is able to provide an end-to-end solution from designing audiovisual and digital signage solutions to installation and project management, vastly simplifying the installation and service process.

The interactive kiosk is used to inform customers of new products or services and allows the customer to learn about the company and their offerings. When not in use the kiosk can play relevant content, which grabs consumers attention and interest drawing them to the kiosk, to find out more.

In the retail environment the kiosk can be linked to the brand’s online store allowing consumers to purchase products, colours, or sizes not available or sold out in a store, thereby increasing convenience and the possibility of the purchase being made.

Quick Service Restaurants can install these self-service kiosks within the branch allowing customers to place their orders. This takes stress and pressure off the tellers during peak times and provides convenience to customers who no longer have to wait in long lines.

Hardware and software can be added to the kiosk to allow the user to interact with a customer service call centre, in a remote location. The video conferencing equipment, built into the design, allows the user to see and talk to the help desk consultant.

The consultant is able to answer questions, in real-time, and assist the user in filling out forms and completing the relevant process. The motor industry uses these kiosks to connect customers to finance houses to apply for vehicle finance as well as to request quotes on extras, such as insurance and automotive tinting, for their new vehicle.

AVT Solutions is able to assist you in identifying your needs, clarifying the requirements, customizing a solution and continuously supporting you with our wide range of services.

AVT Solutions is certified to integrate, install and support various digital menu board products and brands, such as:

  • NEC
  • PADS
  • Hisense
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Scala