Audio Visual, IPTV and Digital Signage Solutions for Hospitality

Including audio visual, IPTV and digital signage solutions
in hotels, restaurants, conference centres, casinos and other hospitality environments adds greatly to the guest experience and increases the chances of retention through loyalty. Guests are usually on holiday or travelling for business and expect the same or better comfort and entertainment that they would have at home.

IPTV allows guests to personalize their viewing, whether they are using the display in their rooms or one of their personal devices, such as their laptop or mobile phone. Guests have access to a wide range of channels, video on demand and available services. The hotel TV solution is integrated with the facility management system, allowing guests to order and/or book services from the comfort of their room or even on a common area kiosk.

Hotel digital signage solutions located in common areas can be used to promote services, such as airport transfers, spa treatments or restaurant specials. The displays can also be used to inform guests, by providing them with the latest news, weather and flight information.

AVT provides audio visual solutions, installations and services in South Africa.

Below are a few of our hospitality solutions, please contact us for more information.

Services offered by AVT:

  • Installations and project management
  • Managed services and service agreements
  • System design and consulting