When you think of home automation, the very first thought that comes to mind is that its only used inside a home to operate various areas such as:

  • Home Theater System
  • Lighting in the house
  • Security cameras/systems

Surprisingly home automation can not only be used in the indoors but the outdoors too.  To make the task easier for homeowners, home automation has covered certain outdoor areas by using a touch of a button on a remote device. Depending on the weather, homeowners will now have the luxury of operating outdoor systems with the press of a button.

The Garden

Automated sprinkling systems have already been introduced a while ago already, but when it first came out, it already showed a glimpse of what automation is capable of.

Depending on the season, its recommended that the lawn and garden are watered in the early hours of the morning, we can confess that some of us would rather be sleeping than watering. With the touch of a button, using an automated system, you can schedule the sprinklers to go on and off automatically for you during times of the morning/evening you aren’t able too.

Some homeowners also use the automated system for security purposes, by installing sensors, once an animal or unwanted guest walks and the sensor picks the movement, the sprinkler system will turn on.



Home automation can be used in the garage of a home. You can set the lighting to operate at a certain time of the morning/evening so that when you leave to work in the early hours or arrive late in the evening, you won’t have the stress of searching for the light switch in the garage.

As a security purpose, you can install a sensor/camera system, the moment a movement is picked up, homeowners receive a notification via email informing them of movement in their home. Homeowners can then access the cameras on their device.


Exterior Lighting & The Front Door

Unfortunately, nowadays, crime levels have increased a lot these days, and are literally breaking records. Although exterior lighting is used as a means to add value to your home, it’s also a great device in terms of security. Either when you are out at night or at home in the evening, its always great to have exterior lights so that you can keep track of what is happening outside your home. Even when you arrive home late in the hours of darkness, the risk of a criminal attacking you is high. Exterior lighting can reduce the risk of that occurring.

Home automation is also great to have access to your home, instead of having to always search for the keys to your front door, you can lock/unlock your front door with the press of a button. When you are also expecting visitors, instead of having a doorbell system, you can install an intercom system with a camera, for security purposes you don’t want unwanted guests to access your home.


Outdoor Audio System

Although it’s a great system to entertain and amaze your guests, it’s also great for when you are home alone. Instead of having to put the volume on a higher level on your hi-fi system, you can now operate the exterior audio system to play music outside whilst you enjoy your time in the garden. The speakers are installed to look like a pot or concrete slab, camouflaging all the wiring and speakers. Instead of also having to change the CD every time it finishes playing, you can load all your music on your home automation remote device, and you can operate all your music from one point.


Swimming Pool

Are you currently a pool owner or have previously owned a swimming pool?

I’m sure you can agree, that operating the pool cleaning system or lights for the pool can become a hassle at some point, well home automation in your home can make life rather easier for you. You can now schedule the times you want the pool cleaning system to operate, and to amuse people, you can operate the lighting of the pool.


The possibilities are endless using a home automation system for the indoors and outdoors of your home. A added bonus using home automation is you can also add a child prevention lock on the system so that your children won’t have access to play around with the system.