A few years ago, environmentalists were a radical minority. Now, everyone’s going green. If you’ve taken some small steps toward living a greener, more environmentally conscious life, it may be time to take some bigger steps.

Home automation could be your next big step toward more responsible living. As a bonus, it could save you some money too. What could be better than doing the right thing and getting rewarded by having less money coming out of your pocket each month?

Automate Your Home To Go Green

When lights are on and no one is in a room, that’s not environmentally friendly. Neither is cooling or heating unoccupied rooms. And your mistakes — lights not turned off and thermostats not set, for example — can be expanding your environmental footprint even when you think you’re doing everything right.

An important part of home automation is energy management. And being a better steward of your energy usage means you’re living a greener life.

Home automation allows you to have your home at the perfect temperature for you and your family when you’re home and at a more economical, environmentally-friendly temperature when no one is in. Using the most modern home automation equipment, you can take total control of your home’s comfort based on the time of day or whether you’re home.

You can control lighting in the same way. While lights don’t use nearly as much electricity as heating and cooling appliances, they’re still the next largest users of power in most homes, so controlling them properly and efficiently is important too.

Automation Saves You Money

Perhaps it goes without saying, but using electricity and other fuels more responsibly also saves you money. Maybe money is no object for you, but when given the choice between spending for utilities and spending on hobbies, projects, friends and family, most people choose the path that puts less money into the pockets of their utility providers.

While you may have been spending money every month to maintain constant temperatures in every room of your home all day long, imagine how much cash will stay in your pocket when you let the temperature rise a bit on warm days and cool a bit on cold days. Home automation can make that happen for you.

You won’t notice any difference when your home is fully automated, because a little while before you get home, your automated heating and cooling system can bring things back in line with your desires in the most efficient way possible.

It’s simply a fact: A home that’s greener is automatically operating more economically too.

Make A Real Difference

The steps you’re already taking toward environmental responsibility are important, but how much difference can changing to a soap without harsh chemicals or turning off the water while you brush your teeth really make? These things matter, but they’re small steps in comparison to the amount of resources you can save when your home is programmed to operate at optimum efficiency.

Home automation was once thought to be a dream of the future, but environmentalism was once thought to be something for the next generation as well. Now, everyone is realizing the power of good choices to change the world.