6 Tips for Successful Video Interview

When it comes to interviews, the most common method is by having a one on one meeting in person. A trend which has been used for a very long time.

Technology is progressing to a point where it’s becoming a daily part of our lives, and for businesses, they are beginning to use the technological resources more frequently. Businesses are beginning to us video conference equipment for majority of their meetings and interviews. An amazing technological initiative which is helping people and businesses alike, to save more money rather than spending.

When it comes to interviews, its important that both parties in the discussion are aware how to operate the video conferencing systems. Take a look at some of these tips to help you experience a successful video interview:


Its critical that you are prepared prior to the interview. Make sure that you are familiar how the equipment operates, if not, its advisable that you seek some help from someone who is familiar with it to assist you. Equipment these days, luckily has been designed to be user-friendly compared to a few years ago where users would struggle to operate the equipment.

You Take Control, Not The Equipment

Take some time before the interview is scheduled to set up the equipment correctly. Don’t forget to make sure that the room you will be in, is set up to not become a distraction for you or the other party. Wear something that looks professional but has a neutral colour, there have been occasions where some wear ties with zigzags, the viewer will become distracted by the fuzziness coming from the tie you are wearing.

In terms of the room, make sure that all windows and curtains are closed to avoid any light coming through.

The Microphone

Be very cautious when it comes to placing your microphones. During the time of preparations, make sure that the table/desk you will be using is clear of anything. Microphones are very sensitive and will pick up any sounds, which can become a distraction to the other party in the meeting. If there is more than one person involved in the meeting, place the microphone in a central location of the table.

Body Language

One of the most distracting things that commonly occurs during any forms of meetings is a person body language, some of them won’t realize it either. As a precaution, during the video meeting, enable a “picture of yourself” screen, they usually appear on the bottom parts of screens automatically. Using this feature will allow you to monitor yourself during the meeting.

Eye Contact

Its common and mostly respectable to keep eye contact when speaking to someone, especially during meetings. Whilst you are in a video meeting, make sure that you keep your eyes set on the screen. Other participants will notice if you are not keeping attention to the meeting.


Be Confident 

Its common to see people being afraid of the equipment, especially if they are new/unfamiliar to it. At first, it will be natural that you will be scared. A great tip we have heard and shared, is that the only way to break the fear is by using it regularly. Use video conferencing equipment as a means of daily communication.