3 Tips to Control Your Conferences with Boardroom Automation

Smart devices and applications can greatly improve efficiency in the boardroom environment. In terms of eliminating repetitive and redundant tasks that take up a significant amount of time and resources, businesses stand to benefit considerably from using boardroom automation technology. In fact, the more integrated your boardroom automation solutions are, the more control you’ll enjoy over your technology investments and banish those pesky technical glitches that seem to interrupt meetings at the most inopportune time.

Boardroom automation improves the productivity of any meeting.

Automating equipment in the boardroom – the foundation of any business – can help increase productivity levels and elevate meetings to make them more collaborative and interactive. With less time and effort needed to set up and adjust devices, the boardroom can be ready for a conference or presentation without prior notice.

It also helps to create a more sophisticated atmosphere for both business clients and associates. Screens, cameras, speakers and conference phones can all be operated and adjusted from a single point, allowing even those with a little technical expertise to effortlessly carry host a conference. Businesses that are perceived to adopt technology proactively are usually held in good favour with clients and the general public. Use your technology investments to not only boost productivity but also build a positive brand identity around your company.

Little adjustments make a big difference.

Setting up a video conference usually involves relying on your IT department to configure things before the meeting commences. Automating these tasks enables you to focus on more important things and eliminates all-too-familiar awkward silence everyone endures while the IT guy is pulling on cables and fiddling with equipment to get things going. Pre-programming the right levels further enables you to set up conditions for a video conference with just the touch of a single button.

Additional boardroom automation of the curtains or blinds lets you adjust the lighting in the room accommodate the presentation on screen – ensuring uninterrupted viewing from any angle in the room. Some controllers can be synchronised with the air conditioning to regulate the temperature in the boardroom.

Find the best controller to suit your boardroom automation needs.

When shopping around for boardroom automation controllers you’ll find that there are many complex varieties to choose from. Essentially, there are three main types that offer different levels of functionality. Choosing the right one, however, depends on your automation needs and your budget.

The dedicated touch panel is very reliable and has a highly intuitive graphical user interface. Using a tablet to carry out controls is a cost-effective solution but is reliant on a WiFi network to connect to other devices and has not been designed for control purposes.

Lastly, using a keypad is the simplest solution and therefore the most cost-effective. There is, however, a limited amount of buttons available; limiting the amount functions it can be programmed to control.

Want to improve productivity and simplify the control of your boardroom equipment? Our team of experts are ready to assist you with our range of personalised boardroom automation solutions and control systems.