There is a common debate going on at the moment between people who prefer doing meetings the “old fashioned way”, which is face to face meetings opposed to using video meetings. And, of course, there are those who prefer to use video meetings as opposed to face-to-face meetings. There is also a minority group in the middle of these 2 arguments of which type is better. They are those who are willing to adapt to both types of meetings. Its an Old School versus New School type of argument.

Technology is rapidly growing at a very fast rate, people and businesses around the globe are adapting to these new technological initiatives. Technology is fast adapting to our daily lifestyles.

Its exciting to see what lays ahead of us in terms of meetings and with technology in general.

But which is more effective?

Face to Face Meetings or Video Meetings?

Its a large debate as to which method works easier, lets take a closer look at this debate:

 Gone are the days where small towns were the way to do business, these days in order for companies to expand not only the business but their market too, they need to expand their reach globally.

In order for them to reach this goal of expanding, meetings are required for this to take place easily. A few years back companies were flying out their staff all over the world to attend meetings, over time it costs the companies a large sum of money. Especially these days with the current market in the state it’s in, companies are required to cut costs, and one of them is flying staff.

Fortunate for businesses, technology has stepped into the equation by introducing an exciting new means of communication: Video Conferencing. Meetings are now taken more regularly and without any delays, allowing companies to increase in their expansions and in productivity.

On some occasions there are those short notice meetings/emergency meetings which requires that you need to get onto the next flight/bus or use your own means of transport to get to the meeting immediately. By the time you arrive at the predestined location, you will be out of breath. Luckily, boardroom automation / video conferencing comes handy. Without having to “race” to the location, you can attend the meeting from your own office using a video feed.

Companies are also adopting initiatives to conduct their business in more “greener ways”. Each day there are more and more companies worldwide adapting to these initiatives. Gone are almost the days of frequent flying to and from businesses around the world, these days companies use video meetings as a new means of communication to promote being green and importantly giving the brand of their company a good reputation.

Although there is a debate as to face to face meeting if it would eventually “dispensary”. Honestly, it won’t really dispensary, video conferencing has allowed more opportunities for businesses to communicate more efficiently. It has helped businesses cut off unnecessary costs, instead of having to spend on travel costs, they are now able to contribute more towards the companies needs.