4 Tips to Optimise Your Boardroom Design

Boardroom Design Tips

We all want to create the ideal video conference room even though we might be restricted by a tight budget. Here are 4 key tips that will help you with the start of your conference room design journey.

Focus on colour

Choose your colour carefully, some colour schemes can hinder the visual perception of your room. When deciding on a colour palette for your video conferencing room, neutral shades such as beige, pale grey, tan or a pale blue work best. These colours will provide the best background and reduce eye strain when focusing on digital videos. Avoid bright whites and the darker designs which will not provide optimum background for viewing. Whatever colour scheme you decide on, keep in mind that pale tones are the way to go. Vibrant colours may reflect light and cast a hued pallor onto the video image.

Watching Paint Dry

As mentioned above, colour can have a major effect on your conference room and muted tones will work the best and for once in your business career stay away from too much detail. We recommend painted walls that boast a flat or semi-flat finish.

Don’t just concentrate on Microsoft Windows

In an ideal world, we would recommend an interior room without windows for your boardroom but we know this is not always possible. Sunlight can upset the ability to capture a good quality image and can make viewing a video conference challenging due to glare. To help with this problem window treatments should be used, vertical blinds or drapes should contain a solar-blocking or blackout to prevent glare. For Design refrain from window treatments and fabrics that have patterns, and opt for finishes and fabrics in solid, muted pale tones.

Functional furnishings

When we think of boardroom furniture, we think of adjectives like bold, elegant and classic. It is time to start thinking about sound, quality and minimalistic.
In addition to tricky reflection effects, large glassed paintings, glass tables, and windows can create an echo and acoustic reverberation.

Keep your boardroom furniture and décor to a stylish minimum by avoiding clutter as this can become distracting. Always keep in mind what will be in camera range, are there any reflective surfaces such as mirrors or glass? Light may cause the camera to overcompensate the brightness in the room.
If the room is mainly used for video conferencing, we suggest that tables and chairs are set up in a semi-circle pattern. With this arrangement, conference callers can view all your attendees easily.

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