AVT Video Wall

With the advances in technology, video advertisements have become a staple in shopping malls and retail centres. Digital signage is superior to print media as it is more interactive, attracts more attention and can convey information in an exciting manner.

A successful video wall should incorporate eye catching content that the customer in and entices them to make a purchase. With strategic placement, a video wall could provide the following 4 benefits to your store:

1. Showcase Your Products
The models and the sets used to advertise your products in magazines have been specifically designed to the taste of your customers. Since you can’t constantly have a team of models in your store, the next best alternative is to have a video of models/mannequins showcasing your product on a digital display.

2. Interchangeable Content
One of the biggest advantages of a video wall is that the content displayed is in real-time and can be changed frequently. It is as easy as uploading the new content, scheduling it and hitting the apply button.

3. Brand Building
A video wall adds a “wow” factor to your store and inspires imagination, showcasing your brand as future facing and exclusive.

4. Cost Effective
A video wall is a once off investment (excluding maintenance) and is therefore a lot more cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to print media. Content can be easily changed and errors quickly fixed unlike print advertisements which have to change with each promotion and reprinted should there be an error.

Video walls don’t only benefit the store. Consumers can experience the following when they see video wall content:

1. Interesting
Customers’ may sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of digital information thrown their way. However, video walls of any size and aspect ratio can be constructed in creative ways, which grabs customer’s attention and makes the experience more interesting.

2. Interactive
If you opt for a touchscreen digital display, you will be able to load software that provides your customers with an interactive experience. Tailored content can be displayed based on the viewer’s demographics or the time of the day.

3. Store Design
Sometimes video walls don’t have to be a form of direct advertising. They can be incorporated into the general ambiance of the store. For example, it can be used to play entertaining video files or used to display images of digital mannequins.

4. Entertainment
Family shopping trips are sometimes very rushed because children and husbands are not willing to shop for long periods of time. Video walls located in food courts, for example, can screen live rugby matches providing entertainment.

It is quite clear that digital signage is an effective advertising platform. Besides video walls, there are a diverse range of professional displays available for different uses. The two most common displays used for digital signage are as follows:

1. LCD
The abbreviation LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It makes use of the light modulating properties of liquid crystals and can therefore have a much slimmer appearance compared to the old cathode television displays.

2. LED
Similar to LCD screens, the light emitting diode technology also produces a flat screen display. These displays have a longer life span and lower energy consumption.

Should you require assistance with video walls or professional displays, visit AVT Solution’s website for advice on a tailored digital display solution.