4 Digital Marketing trends in 2015

The biggest digital marketing trends for 2015 are about visually enriching experiences and increased interaction. With a plethora of players in the marketing landscape, it’s essential to differentiate your brand and offer your consumers a personalised experience. You can further increase brand awareness and interaction by incorporating digital marketing trends with your outdoor and in-store digital signage.

It’s all about the visual – well-constructed images and videos will go a long way in promoting your brand.

Today’s consumers are visually driven, which means that the more visually enriching your digital marketing campaign is, the better response you’ll get. Shortened attention spans mean that visual content trumps written content – as ideas can be conveyed quickly, in an engaging manner. Putting equal thought and planning into your videos and images as your written content is therefore crucial.

According to a blog post by the video marketing platform Vidyard, 70% of business to business marketers (B2B) are using video as part of their digital marketing campaigns, with 82% of them reporting success.

By including touch screens loaded with a poll or competition in your outdoor campaigns, you give consumers the opportunity to interact with your brand, with the added bonus of being able to gather their details.

Interactive campaigns that are mobile-friendly make for an immersed, memorable consumer experience.

Consumers are increasingly looking for a personalised experience. Involving them as much as possible in your campaigns will have a positive and lasting impact on how they identify with your brand.

Mobile will remain one of the leading digital marketing trends for quite some time. Mobile marketing, however, doesn’t merely involve content that’s specifically created for smart devices – it also relies on creating through-the-line campaigns that enable consumers to directly interact with your brand via their mobile device.

The use of smart communication technology will improve the accessibility of your brand.

According to a forecast by IHS Technology, 64% of mobile smartphones will have Near Field Communication technology by 2018. The development of applications for NFC sharing could unlock an effective marketing tool.

While the use of QR codes is still prevalent in the South African market, a HubSpot sheds some light on why there is a need for more effective information sharing. Adding NFC tags to your digital campaign will assist in the information sharing process. A simple tap of a smartphone on the designated area could take consumers directly to your website or product page.

With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology you will also be able to track and optimise data sharing. According to a blog post by wireless data transfer specialists RFIDinsider, your NFC tags can be linked to Google analytics to calculate your ROI.

High quality display and unique visuals will ensure that your digital marketing stands out from the rest.

The more attention you want your marketing campaign to receive, the more you have to differentiate it. The quality and uniqueness of your digital signage plays a major role in the amount of attention it attracts – if your digital signage is interactive, the higher the rate of consumer engagement it’ll achieve.

Some of the biggest digital signage trends combine both visual appeal and interactive elements. Video walls combine both pleasing aesthetics and innovative functionality which gives you the power to update and change your content instantly. You can set up each screen to display a different image, video or as an interactive screen which encourages consumers to engage with it.

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