Communication and Collaboration Solutions

In the busy modern office, it’s essential that technological devices work for you instead of adding complexity to your work environment. Troubleshooting and connectivity issues waste valuable time and overcomplicate presentations and conferences, detracting from the experience for all parties involved.

By using unified communication (UC) and collaboration solutions, you can streamline your workplace communications to just one tap. Introducing Crestron Flex, offering native Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms functionality for any office space.

What is Crestron Flex

The Flex series offers a range of devices to streamline communication and collaboration in the office, from the desktop to the boardroom. For desktop users, there’s the P-Series, the voice-over IP desk phone. It comes with a keypad, touchscreen and with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams built-in for your convenience. Keep in touch with teams and colleagues or check your planner and calendar apps on the touch screen device provided.

For conferences and presentations, there’s the M-Series, designed for board rooms and huddle rooms. Present, call or collaborate with just one-touch. The quad mic array also has a reach of 20 feet to pick up everyone in the room. No more sorting through cables or struggling to connect your devices to the monitor, it’s a matter of simply plugin and present.

The Flex B-Series is designed for conferencing, with a set of speakers, beamforming microphone array, a 4K digital camera and sensor to pick up every action and spoken detail. Perfect for online conferences with international teams. It takes only one touch to connect with the handy touchscreen device. Lastly, there’s the C-Series, Crestron’s flagship integrated UC product. Check room availability on the fly, start your presentation to an auditorium or conference of people with one touch, and seamlessly connect to the rest of the Flex integrated systems in the office. There’s no limit to how many people can conference with it, and there’ll be no more scrambling to manage your devices to get your presentation up and running.

Unified Communication Platforms

By using native UC platforms everyone becomes intricately familiar with the devices and their setup. The Crestron UC offers additional unique functions to streamline processes in the office, such as room scheduling software and integration, wireless presentation capabilities, and advanced space analytics.

With native UC platforms used across a unified system in the office, there’s no learning curve or painful integration of new software. Crestron also allows you to easily update and remotely manage the device, simplifying an otherwise complicated technical process. With Crestron Flex your office technology works for you, and not the other way around. With unified communication and collaborative technology, more time can be invested into the workday as opposed to handling technical issues and hiccups.