AVT Solutions installed and maintains various audio-visual meeting room solutions, as well as video conferencing, for Pareto’s offices nationally. This includes an executive boardroom in Johannesburg, which has a 70” interactive whiteboard (IWB) and one 70” professional display as well as high end video conferencing equipment. This screen configuration allows the client to share a presentation, from their laptop wirelessly or…

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AVT Solutions installed and maintains audio visual systems, as well as a video enabled distance learning system for Educor nationally. This includes a broadcast centre in Durban, which utilizes an interactive whiteboard (IWB) connected to a video conferencing and recording system. This allows a lecturer to conduct a lesson and broadcast it in real-time to remote classrooms…

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National Tooling Initiative Programme (NTIP)

AVT Solutions installed multiple high-tech training rooms for the NTIP throughout South Africa. Each training room was equipped with a projector and a 65” interactive whiteboard (IWB) connected to video conferencing and recording system. The projector and IWB set-up allows NTIP to present internal and external training while making notes and recording the session simultaneously…

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AVT Solutions installed, programmed, and calibrated the audio-visual equipment in SASSA’s multiple boardrooms, in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This includes the installation of patch panels, housing video, audio, and network connections. This solution allows delegates to connect their laptop to the projector from any area of the boardroom table as well as to split the image between the screen and projector…

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University Of Cape Town (UCT)

AVT Solutions installed and maintains audio visual solutions in UCT’s high-end lecture theatres. Each solution includes a touch panel control and a roving microphone system. This allows lectures to move around the venue freely, while ensuring that the quality of the audio is maintained. The touch panel provides a central point of control as the lights, sound volume and projector can be powered on, off or adjusted simply and easily…

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Build It

The solution includes a Bose public audio and hanging pendant speaker system, used to evenly distribute high-quality audio throughout the store. The solution is equipped for public address used for store announcements, and an iPad to control real-time music streaming services. The iPad allows both customers and staff to select music to be played in the showroom area, creating a pleasant shopping environment…

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AVT Solutions installed and maintains a high-end security system, and multiple state of the art audio visual boardroom solutions for J.Walter Thompson’s offices nationally. The comprehensive security and digital IP CCTV system can be viewed from a mobile device, allowing executives to constantly monitor their security remotely…

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