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Great Guide To Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is becoming the latest communication trend for the corporate environment not only does it save companies a lot of money, but communication has become a lot easier. Due to the advancement of technology, videoconferencing equipment is more reliable and easier to access. A great advantage to using videoconferencing equipment,  it allows users to remotely connect […]

Seven Tips For Looking Great When Video Conferencing

Summary: Looking good while video conferencing is about more than vanity. In many cases, presenting a positive image of yourself and your company can mean the difference between making a sale and wasting everyone’s time. When you are video conferencing with people who live and work in faraway locations, you don’t have a chance to […]

Video Conferencing: More than just an Eco-Friendly Solution

Summary: Installing video conferencing equipment saves on travel costs, but there are ecological savings too. In addition, companies can work smarter and make more money when they install video conferencing equipment. There are many reasons why your company would want to install modern, high-quality video conferencing equipment in each of your conference rooms and in […]

Video Conferencing Equipment Has Evolved To Near Perfection

Video conferencing equipment has evolved through the years from radio-frequency hookups to high-definition Internet connections. Now, video conferencing is accessible to most businesses and works better than ever. If you have a long history in business, you may have been involved in some early teleconferences or video conferences. Those early connections between two locations are […]