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5 Tips To Keeping A Video Conferencing Room Secure

The use of internet opens up doorways not only for business but any simple user. There is one thing in common that all users have which can affect anyone, Internet Security. Threats such as: Spam Viruses Adware/Malware DOS Attacks Information Theft When it comes to Video Conferencing, taking precautions is crucial to disallow any unwanted […]

5 Reasons How Students Can Become Higher Achievers Using Video Conferencing

The great news about  advancements with video conferencing  equipment, is that its no longer based solely in the corporate environment. These days, it’s been introduced to several other fields, such as: Telemedicine Telecommuting Legal Enviroment Education Students are now beginning to take full use of video conferencing in order to forward themselves to pursue their career […]

Video Conferencing Etiquette More Important Than Ever

Summary: When you follow proper video conferencing etiquette, you always look great to those who receive your feed. Even if they don’t use good etiquette themselves, they’ll reward you for your professionalism. To speed interaction and keep travel expenses down, companies that want to participate in today’s competitive marketplace have turned to video conferencing solutions to handle […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages To Videoconferencing

A great advantage to using videoconferencing in a company is that it makes meetings easier to organize and without any delays of having to wait for business people to arrive at your location after using transport(flights, trains and etc.). Videoconferencing is very similar to video phones, it has a similar concept by allowing a user to communicate with any […]

Planning A Successful Video Conference

Before you begin to have a meeting it’s important to ensure that all equipment is running smoothly and that all preparations have been done prior to a meeting not during a meeting. To assist your planning for a successful video conference, read through these tips: Before you begin to plan a video conference its crucial to have a knowledge of: How […]

History Of Video Conferencing

If  people are asked about video conferencing, the most common answer of those who are aware how video conferencing operates is that it allows two or more people to communicate with each other all at the same time from various locations. A technology that’s continuously advancing, and has allowed meetings to occur more efficiently and regularly without […]

Video Conferencing 101

What is Video Conferencing all about? Video Conferencing is the use of telecommunication of audio and video equipment, which enables people from a variety of sites to communicate at once for a meeting. Video Conferences can take place between 2 people wishing to have a private conversation from private offices (Point to Point communication) or […]

The Importance Of Video Conferencing In Small Companies

For any company using Video Conferencing, the most common advantages to using the equipment are: Reduce costs Improving hiring and retaining of prospective “talent” for the workplace Increasing productivity Competitive advantage Going “Green” But is Video Conferencing mainly for big businesses, or can smaller business get involved too? June Bower, offers some advice how video conferencing equipment […]

8 Tips To Make Your Video Conferencing Event Go Smoothly

Summary: The best video conferencing equipment in the world can’t make you and your business look good if your people don’t use the setup to their advantage. These eight video conferencing tips can help you look good. Even the best video conferencing equipment on the market doesn’t solve all your communication problems. Some issues are caused by the actions […]

Benefits To Using Video Conferencing Equipment

If you look back a few years back,  a business person would have been required to travel either short or long distances at a time to have meetings, and on some occasions be required to stay over at a hotel, which would over a period cost the company. Fortunately with the advancement of technology, having […]