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Video Conferencing Gone GREEN!

Video Conferencing is happening everywhere. The days where it was predominantly used in the business world are gone, today, videoconferencing is being used literally by people of all ages. A great advantage to video conferencing equipment is that it will save you Time, Petrol & Money. Video Conferencing is a great initiative to Going Green. […]

The Future of Mobile Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is commonly recognized as being used on the computer desktops. BUT with technology rapidly always upgrading with new introductions of various types of technologies for day to day use. Video Conferencing has literally “Jumped On The Wagon” too. Video Conferencing has advanced to become a mobile piece of technology, commonly recognized by being […]

Beginners Guide To Attending A Video Conference Like A Pro

Several different industries around the world are adapting to using video conferencing for their meetings allowing a better means of communication between co-workers, clients and prospective clients/customers. For any person that’s new to video conferencing, at first it will seem very intimidating. Technology has become less complicated and easier to use, but without any experience […]

Home Automation Could Be Your Next Step In Going Green

A few years ago, environmentalists were a radical minority. Now, everyone’s going green. If you’ve taken some small steps toward living a greener, more environmentally conscious life, it may be time to take some bigger steps. Home automation could be your next big step toward more responsible living. As a bonus, it could save you […]

Email VS Video Conferencing

Email has become a normal way of communication for businesses and the general public these days. Since the email movement began it has allowed communication between one or more businesses/people to communicate a lot more easily, faxing is son becoming a thing of the past, email has become the new. But although email has become […]

10 Tips For Video Conference Etiquette

As businesses grow and expand, with meetings occurring on a regular basis. Businesses are gradually working towards using video conferencing for their meetings, making it a virtual reality instead of face to face meetings. Virtual meetings are soon going to become a norm in the business world, but one thing that won’t change is the […]

Top Tips To Experience A Successful Video Conference

Gone are the days when large companies were the only ones to have access to video conferencing, for the general public video conferencing was considered more of a product based on a sci-fi movie. Today video conferencing is available to any industry and any person, wishing to use video conferencing for various uses. Video conferencing has become so advanced […]

The TOP 5 Trends In Video Conferencing

Statistics show that video conferencing is on the increase for local and international businesses. Although its a great advantage to businesses around the world, video conferencing is still no replacement for meeting face to face. With this technological trend, it has opened up a doorway for meetings, conferences are on the increase. Outcomes of these […]

Types Of Video Conferencing

“Today video conferencing takes on many forms, from conference room-based systems to executive systems, video “(media) phones and web-based or computer video conferencing software.” Video conferencing equipment terminology varies between the suppliers, commonly between the models/versions of equipment in which each supplier showcases to the public. BUT, one thing which video conferencing equipment does have in common […]

Think Out The Box: Alternate Uses For Video Conferencing

Businesses and people alike, are beginning to use video conferencing, allowing communication to be more accessible. Businesses use video conferencing as a means to have meetings, doctors use the technology to diagnose patients located either in far or remote locations. Students are also using the technology to participate in webinars or lectures. The 3 industries […]