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Audio Visual Solutions for Microsoft Teams

AVT understands that Microsoft Teams has become a key collaboration platform for any shared workspace environment. With this in mind; we have looked at the best Microsoft Teams collaboration systems that the audio visual industry has to offer. With the number of Office 365 users growing, it’s more important than ever to standardise the look […]

Zoom – Communication and Meeting Solution

Communication and Meeting Solution

What is Zoom Video Conferencing? Zoom is an affordable cloud-based conferencing platform that allows internal and external collaboration between individuals. The platform has video and audio capabilities, giving users the ability to host a Zoom conference or make a quick Zoom call. One of the most attractive features is how effortless it is to schedule, […]

Communication and Collaboration Solutions – Crestron Flex

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In the busy modern office, it’s essential that technological devices work for you instead of adding complexity to your work environment. Troubleshooting and connectivity issues waste valuable time and overcomplicate presentations and conferences, detracting from the experience for all parties involved. By using unified communication (UC) and collaboration solutions, you can streamline your workplace communications […]

Pexip and Videxio Merged for Better Offerings

Pexip and Videxio, a pair of top inventors in the enterprise collaboration market, have just merged to become the forerunner in the field. They’ve joined their companies to offer professional video conferencing systems and solutions and the decision has been made to keep the Pexip name. This merger has created a one-stop-shop for enterprise customers […]

Microsoft Teams – a cloud collaboration platform

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What is Microsoft Teams Microsoft Team is a central communication and collaboration platform available on Microsoft Office 365. You can collaborate as a team by creating group chats, sending private messages, sharing content and hosting online meetings (audio and video). The goal is to connect staff and enhance collaboration, thereby increasing productivity. MS Teams provides […]

Four Ways to Help Enhance the Productivity of Your Video Conferencing

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4 ways to improve the productivity of video conferencing Effective communication is crucial for the running of any business. In fact, efficiency in all spheres of business helps sharpen the all-important competitive edge. Video conferencing assists in eliminating many of the physical barriers separating people and their ideas. Along with reducing business travel and accommodating […]

AMX Enzo – Integrated web video conferencing and presentation device, all in one

If you are looking for a simple way to integrate control (change volume, dim lights, turn the screen on, all from a touch panel) of your boardroom together with the ability to web conference and present, AMX Enzo is the answer. The Enzo Presentation System by AMX is the simplest and fastest way to collaborate […]

Get ready for Skype for Business

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Skype for Business Many will agree that choosing the right tool for the job is the key to success, and although software video conferencing will not replace purpose-designed end-points in a professional boardroom environment, when it comes to personal video conferencing, Skype is that tool.  When Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, they said that Skype […]

Video Conferencing in Africa

africa video conferencing

With the massive growth rate in Africa many companies expanding into this developing market are looking for methods of saving on communication costs with there international offices. AVT has successfully implemented video conferencing for this purpose in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique and Botswana.     Video conferencing coupled with an audio visual boardroom system […]

The “Secrets” Of Video Conferencing: Disadvantages

Video Conferencing has become a massive advantage to a lot of people and companies in terms of communication. Although there are tons of success stories about video conferencing, there are those other parts of video conferencing which are otherwise known as the disadvantages. Which are commonly not spoken of to customers. The most common disadvantages […]