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Home Automation Exploring The Great Outdoors

When you think of home automation, the very first thought that comes to mind is that its only used inside a home to operate various areas such as: Home Theater System Lighting in the house Security cameras/systems Surprisingly home automation can not only be used in the indoors but the outdoors too.  To make the task easier […]

10 Reasons Why Home Automation Will Benefit Your Home

When you compare technology 10 years ago, to the technology being used nowadays, it’s jaw-dropping! Gone are those moments when you’d either see in a movie or daydream about what technology would be like in the future, as of recently those images you’ve seen in the movies and dreams have all become a reality in […]

Total home control from any device

Did you forget to close your garage? Not a problem. You can access all of the devices in your home—including that neglected garage door—no matter where you are. Simply log in to your Control4 home from a computer, smartphone or tablet and address the issue instantly. Enjoy total home control from any device, with the […]

Crestron Home Automation: The total package

Crestron Home Automation: The total package When it comes to your home and your life, you don’t settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That’s what a true home automation solution should be, and that’s what you get with Crestron Home Automation. With Crestron Home Automation […]

NYCE ZigBee based products

Motion Sensor Introducing the NYCE Control Wireless Motion Sensor. This sensor solution combines the features of a Motion Sensor and ZigBee (802.15.4) radio into a single small device. Packed with intelligent features, the wireless Motion Sensor expands Control4’s network possibilities, reporting motion anywhere in the home and all without any wires. Features • Compact Size • Three […]