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Communication and Collaboration Solutions – Crestron Flex

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In the busy modern office, it’s essential that technological devices work for you instead of adding complexity to your work environment. Troubleshooting and connectivity issues waste valuable time and overcomplicate presentations and conferences, detracting from the experience for all parties involved. By using unified communication (UC) and collaboration solutions, you can streamline your workplace communications […]

Get Ultimate Control Over Your Conferences with Boardroom Automation

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3 Tips to Control Your Conferences with Boardroom Automation Smart devices and applications can greatly improve efficiency in the boardroom environment. In terms of eliminating repetitive and redundant tasks that take up a significant amount of time and resources, businesses stand to benefit considerably from using boardroom automation technology. In fact, the more integrated your […]

AMX Enzo – Integrated web video conferencing and presentation device, all in one

If you are looking for a simple way to integrate control (change volume, dim lights, turn the screen on, all from a touch panel) of your boardroom together with the ability to web conference and present, AMX Enzo is the answer. The Enzo Presentation System by AMX is the simplest and fastest way to collaborate […]

The “Secrets” Of Video Conferencing: Disadvantages

Video Conferencing has become a massive advantage to a lot of people and companies in terms of communication. Although there are tons of success stories about video conferencing, there are those other parts of video conferencing which are otherwise known as the disadvantages. Which are commonly not spoken of to customers. The most common disadvantages […]

Face To Face VS Video Conferencing. Which Is More Effective?

There is a common debate going on at the moment between people who prefer doing meetings the “old fashioned way”, which is face to face meetings opposed to using video meetings. And, of course, there are those who prefer to use video meetings as opposed to face-to-face meetings. There is also a minority group in […]

Types Of Video Conferencing

Different Types of Video Conferencing Systems

When it comes to video conferencing, there is a common mistake people make, assuming that video conferencing is all the same. The assumption of this principle is correct but not entirely, they are correct in a way by understanding that video conferencing is a means of communication. It’s crucial that customers understand what video conferencing […]

Boardroom Automation Solutions Make Telepresence Possible

3 Reasons why Boardroom Automation Solutions are Made Possible by Telepresence Boardroom automation solutions make you look good to clients and potential employees and allow you to save money too. Modern boardroom installation solutions include complete audio, video and presentation capabilities. Whether you have the privilege of designing new office space from the ground up […]

Latest Technology In Boardroom Automation

Prior to any meetings occurring in the future, scheduling a specific time and the place is crucial for a meeting to take place. But what if you are required to have a last second/unscheduled meeting? Finding a location can become quite a challenge. You wouldn’t want to walk into a room, which has a meeting occurring. Luckily with […]

Benefits of Boardroom Automation Systems

Boardroom Automation Systems Audio Visual Systems Automation and Control   Control all of the electronic equipment in your boardroom, and more from an intuitive touch panel. The correct equipment is turned on, the right settings are selected and the media is displayed automatically with the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for you or […]