3 Reasons why Boardroom Automation Solutions are Made Possible by Telepresence

Boardroom automation solutions make you look good to clients and potential employees and allow you to save money too. Modern boardroom installation solutions include complete audio, video and presentation capabilities.

Whether you have the privilege of designing new office space from the ground up or are remodelling existing space to bring it into the 21st century, you won’t regret bringing your boardroom up to date. The right boardroom automation solutions are essential for offices that want to keep up with today’s telepresence needs.

Quite frankly, your clients and the employees you hope to recruit for your firm in the future expect your facilities to be up to date. Board room installation solutions from decades past often included only phone lines and perhaps a dimmer switch for the light, but today’s office spaces often feature lights, sound, teleconferencing and presentations solutions that are fully integrated with each other and built right into the room’s structure.

The Big Three

Boardroom installation solutions aimed at this century and beyond include at least three types of integrated facilities. These include:

1. Video conferencing in HD

With the ability to conduct meetings at two or more locations simultaneously, today’s telepresence solutions include cameras, audio pickups, multiple projectors and LCD displays plus a number of other components designed to create multi-location meetings that work just as well as being there. That virtually eliminates the need for intra-company travel and for expensive trips to visit key clients. With telepresence capabilities in your boardroom or conference room, you can do business with your Tokyo office in the morning and complete talks with a new client in Berlin in the afternoon.

2. Complete Audio Conferencing Capabilities

Not every client will be able to communicate with your office by video conference, but almost every business now has extensive audio conferencing capabilities. To make working by teleconference as productive as possible, your new boardroom installation solutions should include state-of-the-art facilities that allow for collaboration with the highest level of flexibility. Being able to meet clients on their terms and speak to them using whatever teleconferencing capabilities they support is a great way to gain their trust and more of their business.

3. Integrated Boardroom Automation Solutions

In addition to conferencing capabilities, a boardroom must support a wide variety of presentation equipment and styles. That means the room must have displays for every type of presentation as well as a lighting system that’s preconfigured for a variety of meeting types. Audio and video equipment should come alive at the touch of a single remote. All that capability and much more is available when today’s boardroom automation solutions are utilised.

The Ultimate Goal

The purpose of your business isn’t to amass the best array of electronic equipment in your boardroom, of course. It’s to serve your clients at the highest level possible, always exceeding their expectations. Nothing looks worse to another business than turning down their distance meeting request because you can’t match their level of technology.

Fortunately, the days of incompatible audio and video technology are behind us. Integrated solutions mean your own equipment all works together well — and communicates with the variety of other companies with whom you need to work.

The best boardroom installation solutions are put in with a single purpose in mind: driving the level of performance that drives the company’s bottom line.

The boardroom is key to a company’s identity, and it’s key to high profits too. Install modern solutions so you can keep up with your clients and competition — and soar above them.