Conference Call Etiquette

It’s important to practice professional conferencing etiquette, both in a boardroom meeting as well as on a video conference call. AVT has a few tips to ensure proper conference call etiquette. Camera Positioning Before making a conference call ensure that the camera is in the correct position and that the camera is zoomed in and […]

Importance of Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Interactive Whiteboards and Education.

Thanks to technology, students can get to enjoy their lessons. Interactive whiteboards (IWB) has been developed and fitted with education-focused software that has the ability to interact with other smart devices such as tablets, laptops and video conferencing. IWBs are fast changing the way students learn and lessons have become more stimulating and interactive therefore […]

AVT brings you a history on Sharps Visual Solutions

Have you ever wondered how Digital Screens have progressed over the years? Take a trip down a technology timeline of Sharp’s Visual Solutions in this infographic. With the advances in technology, video advertisements have become a staple in shopping malls and retail centres. Digital screens are superior to print media as it is more interactive, […]

Socialise your Digital Signage

Your Digital Signage content needs to be catchy and crisp in order to create an immediate impact, make a lasting impression and encourage engagement. How can you achieve this marketing greatness? The answer is simple… by “going social”. Using Social Media with your digital marketing campaign could add an extra dimension to your advertising. Social […]

Digital Signage and Show Rooms

In today’s tech age, including digital signage in your business showroom is highly beneficial. Digital signage is a must when deciding to showcase your products or services, as you are able to set up unique changing slide shows. This enables you to advertise more than one product or service per screen and allows for video […]

Video Conferencing for Interviews

The use of video conferencing to interview potential employees is on the rise as companies seek to cut costs, save time and create more flexibility in their recruitment efforts. The affordability and practicality of video conferencing has contributed to its expanded approval for the interview process. With today’s technology video conferencing is literally just a […]

Are you doing everything you can to optimise your boardroom design?

We all want to create the ideal video conference room even though we might be restricted by a tight budget. Here are 4 key tips that will help you with the start of your conference room design journey. Focus on colour Choose your colour carefully, some colour schemes can hinder the visual perception of your room. […]

What Makes Engaging Digital Signage Content?

Digital Signage

There is one thing that will take your digital signage from great to amazing and that one thing is content. Content is the foundation of your marketing plan and these top tips will give you some inspiration when thinking about your content strategy.   Engage with your target audience What is the best way to […]

3 Ways Video Communication Lets Money Talk.

We are living in a world of reliable and forward-thinking technology, where video communication with family and friends is always a simple click away. We have become accustomed to dependable, efficient video chat that makes our lives easier and communication faster. The same can be said for our work lives, Visual collaborations are fast becoming […]