Transparent LCD

Transparent LCD screens can be used for various applications, such as: retail windows, display cases and drinks coolers, to name a few. The screens transparency allows the brand to display dynamic marketing material, related to the product, while still being able to see the physical product.

The screen allows companies to incorporate some of their brands personality and bring the product to life. The eye-catching content not only compliments the physical product but also encourages engagement.

Zoom – Communication and Meeting Solution

Communication and Meeting Solution

What is Zoom Video Conferencing? Zoom is an affordable cloud-based conferencing platform that allows internal and external collaboration between individuals. The platform has video and audio capabilities, giving users the ability to host a Zoom conference or make a quick Zoom call. One of the most attractive features is how effortless it is to schedule, […]

Communication and Collaboration Solutions – Crestron Flex

meeting room booking system

In the busy modern office, it’s essential that technological devices work for you instead of adding complexity to your work environment. Troubleshooting and connectivity issues waste valuable time and overcomplicate presentations and conferences, detracting from the experience for all parties involved. By using unified communication (UC) and collaboration solutions, you can streamline your workplace communications […]

Pexip and Videxio Merged for Better Offerings

Pexip and Videxio, a pair of top inventors in the enterprise collaboration market, have just merged to become the forerunner in the field. They’ve joined their companies to offer professional video conferencing systems and solutions and the decision has been made to keep the Pexip name. This merger has created a one-stop-shop for enterprise customers […]

Microsoft Teams – a cloud collaboration platform

boardroom solutions

What is Microsoft Teams Microsoft Team is a central communication and collaboration platform available on Microsoft Office 365. You can collaborate as a team by creating group chats, sending private messages, sharing content and hosting online meetings (audio and video). The goal is to connect staff and enhance collaboration, thereby increasing productivity. MS Teams provides […]

Poly – Polycom and Plantronics merger relaunched

After the merger of Plantronics and Polycom in 2018, the company decided to relaunch rather than going forward with one of the existing brands. The companies reformed as Poly in March 2019, a global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration. The Poly logo represents the company’s past and future, with the colour […]

Crestron Mercury Conferencing Solution

crestron mercury zoom room setup

The all in one tabletop solution that allows you to collaborate, using multiple web collaboration applications The Crestron Mercury allows for collaboration with people in multiple locations, regardless of the web collaboration platform used, as it combines all of the must-have conferencing and collaboration tools into one console. Through our testing and installation of the […]

Digital Signage in Retail

Today’s retail environment is cluttered with marketing advertisements and customers have learned to subliminally ignore the constant advertising bombardment. Digital signage is a way to break through and get noticed as the fast and flashy content captures consumers attention and enhances engagement. Digital signage solutions provide customers with relevant information and allow brands to update […]

Build It Retail Audio & Digital Signage Solution

AVT was given the opportunity to build a retail audio and digital signage solution for Build It, a group of independent retailers who specialize in building materials with 300 stores across South Africa. Two large format video walls, installed at the end of the showroom aisle, display weekly specials, promotions and provide DIY tips. Anonymous […]

Infographic: The benefits of having a video-enabled Huddle Room

What is a huddle room and what are the benefits of having one? A huddle room is a strategically small meeting space that is designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. As the byproduct of collaboration, innovation is arguably the most important competitive advantage for any company intent on remaining relevant in today’s […]