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Why video wall technology is the best way to revitalise your office space plan

If there’s one thing that top-performing companies around the world have in common, it’s that they understand how important it is to have an office space plan that fosters innovation and facilitates productivity. In a business environment where productivity and employee satisfaction are two sides of the same coin, a solution that caters to both of these is the Holy Grail of office space planning. Future-facing companies are embracing video wall technology as a way to increase office productivity, keep employees in the information loop and build stronger internal and external brand identities. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of video wall technology, and how it can revitalise your office space plan.

The modern office is more than just a workplace

To say that office space plans have evolved over the past few decades would be an understatement. Gone are the days of individual cubicles and water coolers that serve as the sole location for staff interaction. Productivity in the 21st-century office space looks very different. Many businesses depend on innovation in their service offerings to stand out in crowded markets. Consequently, expectations on staff, both in terms of their time in-office and their productivity, have increased significantly. Creating workspaces that are conducive to creativity is an excellent catalyst for heightened productivity, but there’s a fine balance between facilitating creativity and filling your office with distractions – and a good office space plan should take this into consideration.

Take a leaf out of the leaders’ books

As a case study for office space planning done right, Google’s California campus is the proverbial poster-child. Employees are given the freedom to work in a way that suits them best, and provided with everything from subsidised massages to a Lego playroom to de-stress and get their creative juices flowing. For a company like Google, innovation is everything. Although its attitude to office space planning may seem radical – even counter-intuitive – it’s hard to argue with its global success. But the way Google leverages technology in its culture and office space plan isn’t all fun and games: Google’s New York offices make innovative use of video walls to display a live stream of incoming Google searches from around the world. This real-time display not only shows clients that business is still getting done no matter what might be happening in the office, but also serves as a reminder, and incentive, for staff to keep doing their jobs. Going to the lengths that Google has might not suit every business, but it’s a cue for organisations in any industry to reconsider what it is that makes an office space plan successful.

Office Space Planning isn’t just for your own good

An office space plan that benefits your employees is great, but an office space plan that benefits your employees and your customers is business panacea. More and more businesses are using video wall technology as a means to achieve this: video walls can be used to communicate a message from executives to employees, for example, as well as to inform customers about a new product launch. They can also be used to display information in real-time, such as calendars, sales and database information. Alternatively, video walls provide a source of entertainment through live news feeds, weather or sport. Ultimately, video wall technology provides a versatile addition to your office space plan that can increase employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as customer buy-in.

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