If you look back a few years back,  a business person would have been required to travel either short or long distances at a time to have meetings, and on some occasions be required to stay over at a hotel, which would over a period cost the company.

Fortunately with the advancement of technology, having to travel long/short distances for a meeting is soon becoming a thing of the past, all thanks to the advancement of video conferencing equipment. With the use of devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones; users are now able to access a meeting remotely.

Here are some benefits to how Video Conferencing has made meetings alot easier:

Travel Savings

With the factor of costs such as air travel,petrol, car hires and hotels which is on the increase, business are now required to find other alternatives to meetings.  Luckily, with the technology of video conferencing, users are now able to have direct meetings with other organisations without having to worry about additional costs for business-travel.


The greatest way to have a successful meeting is by meeting the person face to face, with video conferencing, participants are now able to see whom they are meeting with,meetings tend to go well when having direct contact.


With the use of video conference equipment, the time duration of meetings has reduced, users have reported that using video conferencing equipment has saved them up to 2 hours a week.

The access of sharing documents and spreadsheets has become easier and immediate.


With the earlier versions, the quality of audio and video broadcasting was very weak, the clarity was never perfect.  Today, these issues have become a thing of the past , with the state of the art technology, equipment has advanced, reliability has increased and the quality of audio and visual is clear.