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Black Economic Empowerment

AVT is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its employees and suppliers, and in uplifting previously disadvantaged communities. In line with this we are proud to have been awarded BEE level 2 certification

About AVT

With expertise developed over more than 20 years in business, AVT is Africa’s leading audio visual system integrator. We believe that winning in the last mile is more than just having the right products, it requires trust built on a foundation of
expertise and a focus on adding value.

We strive to deliver innovative digital communication solutions that make a real difference to our customers. We do this by being diligent in engagements, adding value at every touchpoint, and fostering trusted relationships with both our partners and our customers.

BEE Certification

Skills Development

Our BEE initiatives are actively demonstrated through various projects and community engagements. We prioritize skills development by offering comprehensive training programs to our employees in areas such as leadership and customer service. We extend our support to the broader community by providing training for disabled individuals and unemployed people, thereby enhancing their employability and fostering economic growth.

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility efforts also include donations of technology to underserved communities, ensuring access to essential resources and opportunities. These initiatives underscore our dedication to
making a meaningful impact both internally and within the communities we serve.