Distance Learning Solution with AVT

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AVT can provide you with an engaging and effective distance learning solution, ensuring that you can continue to teach during this time. Our education solutions are designed according to your needs, whether it be presenting real-time lessons/lectures, recording and or streaming lessons/lectures. Our team of certified experts are on standby to assist you in implementing an audio visual education solution, without experiencing any technical difficulties.

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Due to recent global events, schools and universities are forced to look at other teaching solutions/alternatives to ensure curriculums continue as planned. These need to be long term solutions, as the current pandemics duration remains uncertain. With children and teachers alike forced to partake in social distancing and lockdowns at home, teachers and lecturers are turning to distance learning, also known as remote learning, to keep teaching and course work running smoothly.

What is Distance Learning?

When educators and learners are separated by time or distance, and can no longer meet in a traditional classroom setting, they can opt to do distance learning to remain on track. Lessons, course work, projects and information are shared online through technical solutions that provide features including screen sharing, video conferencing, discussion boards, instant messaging programs, and cloud-based file sharing applications. There are many programs and unified communication/collaboration platforms that facilitate online learning.

Different from hybrid or blended learning, distance learning is done entirely from your home or office and can be done synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronously means at the same time, so educators can have live, real-time lessons and correspondence with their students through instant messaging and online learning video conferencing software. Asynchronously means at differing times, enabling a student to learn at their own pace or watch recordings of lessons rather than being present for the live teaching. This also takes the form of email correspondence and task/discussion boards.

What Are the Benefits of Distance Learning?

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to continue teaching during this time of crisis, there are numerous benefits to distance learning, and much of it extends beyond the lockdown and the need for social distancing.

Distance learning allows universities and schools to make education more accessible to students around the world while also facilitating part-time studies. It allows for a real-time interaction with students, in a classroom setting, during lockdown or natural disasters, which ensures that students still stay on track with their courses. Schools and universities can also share expensive resources, as lecturers or teachers can be split across campuses or schools.

How Does Distance Learning Work?

Teachers and lecturers move their coursework and curriculum to a cloud-based platform that their students can easily access no matter where they are. Online collaboration platforms are a good solution for all forms of remote learning. For synchronous learning, video conferencing is the best available solution, and you’ll need a virtual classroom to be set up with visual and audio capabilities. Through calendar applications, you can schedule classes and course work, and students can effortlessly connect to your live classrooms whenever they need to.

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