If you look at how home automation works overall, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for us. Right now, where we stand with technology it’s pretty much an introduction to what the future holds for us. Can you imagine what is next for us?

Let’s return back to the present day!

In general home automation has created added benefits to any homeowner, should he/she wish to have a home automation system in their homes. It’s so practical how the system can be used. But did you know, home automation does have added benefits? Let us take a closer look.

Before I begin, this blog is aiming more towards the men, but ladies, feel free to keep reading.

The definition of a man cave states:

A man cave (also sometimes mantuary) is a male sanctuary, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement..

As men, we all dream of one day having the most awesome man cave, with the ultimate sound system, a huge theatre system, pool table and etc. But usually, we end up, with a small area in our garage, known as our personal man cave. Where we only really have the basics.

Although some of us men aren’t as fortunate as some people who have the financial back to create a man cave. We can still dream. Let’s take a look at some ideas of a man cave you can dream of, and give you a glimpse of reality.

A “Manly Bar”

In reality, in your man cave area, you’re bar generally looks like this: “A fridge in the corner with your preferred drinks (Soda drinks, beers) with a few chairs, and a simple hi-fi system. Some men install a small TV connected to their DSTV (Satellite TV)  too, a dartboard and etc. You get the picture.”

Imagine what you dream bar would look like. An area which men can be men in, a room segregated from the everyone else where you and your mates can “cut loose” and spend “manly” time together.  A 50 Inch Smart TV, a surround sound home theatre system, air conditioning system and to entertain the guys you can show off by operating all the devices using a remote device. Just imagine, your man cave will become the new local spot, especially when the game (Rugby, cricket and etc) is on.

Billiards Room

Not that many homes do have a pool area inside their homes, generally, if they do, it would usually be in an area where everyone can play together and still have the entertainment of watching your friends or family play. The most common areas are usually in a braai area, the garage or the living room area.

Just imagine the possibility of having a room designated for your man cave, having a proper pool room. A room as mentioned in the previous point, where you can have a bar, but at the same time, install a home automation system, where you can really experience proper entertainment with an audio-visual stereo system and most importantly a room that gives everyone the impression they are in a room specifically designed for billiards containing  all the latest pool equipment & table.

An added advantage to involving a home automation system into your dream pool room/man cave is that you can maintain the room temperature, if you don’t it can lead to the pool table becoming damaged.


Music Room

Whenever you take some time out to play/jam on your favourite musical instrument, don’t you sometimes wish you can rather be alone so that you can sing out loud, or go crazy or of course spend some time away from all the chaos in a segregated room.

Imagine yourself having a room in your home, where you can sit and write/play music for hours on end. Wouldn’t it be great? A room where you can display and store your instruments safely without getting damaged, a room where you can spend time out from reality. Again we mention home automation, this system is perfect for any music rooms, you can adjust the lighting to suit the atmosphere of the music you’re playing and an added bonus you can set the temperature to a suitable level to keep your musical instruments in good condition.