“Smart” products are becoming the latest trends on the markets these days. Smartphones, televisions are just two of many items which manufacturers are improving to make life easier for us. Just recently, the popular home appliance company Samsung recently brought out an improved version of their Smart TV. It’s actually amazing yet scary to what the future holds for us.

Since all these amazing smart-products are continuously being brought out into the market, have you considered to yourself about implementing a Smart system into your home?

A benefit to doing so is that using a home automation system, you don’t have to stress about replacing all your electrical appliances from your home, they can all be connected to the system, enabling the user to operate with the press of a button from a remote device.  Not only does automation save you unnecessary costs but it save energy in your home.

Below are some examples of how you can automate your home:


  • Lighting

Using an automation system you can program the lighting to automatically turn on at certain times of the night, especially if you arrive late at night from work. It saves unnecessary energy from you to walk around your home, individually turning on lights, now you can arrive home to find your lighting automatically on prior to your arrival. An alternative to programming the lights is that homeowners can program sensors around your home, lights will only operate once movement is detected when accessing a room, and then once the room is vacated the lighting will turn off.


  • Garden 

Home automation systems are not only used for the inside of your home but nowadays they can also be programmed to operate areas outside of your home. If you have one of those irrigation systems in your garden which goes off daily at a specific time no matter the weather, don’t you sometimes get annoyed especially when its raining and your irrigation system is still operating? Using an automation system, you can remotely operate the irrigation to go off at your discretion or if you have programmed it. Installing a sensor, it will detect the weather, if its raining or humid, the system won’t operate. Otherwise, it will operate as programmed. Also, installing lights into your garden with sensors, they automatically operate the moment it gets dark, and can also be used for security. The moment movement is sensed, the lights will go on or get brighter.


  • Electric Appliance Control

Don’t you dislike those moments at home when 4 or 5 different appliances are all being used at the same time and the power trips? Fortunately, with a home automation system, it automatically monitors the usage of electricity in your home, should it detect any over usage of electricity, not only will the system notify you but will put an appliance on hold to reduce the electricity usage. Once the one appliance is used, the appliance that was put originally on hold will resume.


  •  Cooling/Heating System

Especially in winter, a lot of us would love to have a heater in each room, or alternatively in summer a cooling system in each room running independently at your own preferred temperature. Using automation, you can have a cooling/heating system installed into all the rooms and remotely you can adjust the temperatures in each room according to each person’s preferences.



The list is endless what home automation systems are capable of, we have only mentioned the surface of what amazing systems automation is able to do in your home. For more product information contact us on 0860 994 012.