As we mentioned in our previous blog about the basics of home automation, it’s amazing to see how people are very unfamiliar with the term “Home Automation”, it’s only when you explain the functionality of home automation do they realize what they are entailing.

To continue from the recent blog, we want to share with you a popular area in home automation which is lighting. When you think of the term “Lighting Control System”, people would mostly be exposed to this technology at either demo sites, shops or even at homes. Some can assume that its more for show than anything else, but they are not entirely correct. Although using lighting control in your home is a great device to have, there are benefits to having it installed into your home.

There is more to what people expect of using a light control system, let’s take a closer look:

1. Saves Energy

A lighting control system has not only been designed to operate the lighting in your home, additionally its also an energy management system to assist you to maintain your homes energy usage. Instead of having to go to each room individually to operate the lighting, users can control all the lighting in their home from one remote device.

A great way which you can use a lighting control system to maintain the lighting is by adding motion sensors into each room/area of a home. Some sensors are designed specifically to remain off during the daytime, but once darkness is detected will the lights only come on then. Alternatively, some other motion sensors will operate the lighting once motion/movement is detected when a person walks into a room, once the person leaves the lights will turn off automatically. Businesses are beginning to adapt to using this system, due to the high usage of electricity in offices.

2. Create The Atmosphere

Automating your home can allow you to use the lighting as a form of decor, or even to set the atmosphere in a room. You can pre-program the lighting for specific settings to match the environment in the room. For example: If a family is having a game evening, you can set the lighting to become bright with the touch of a button. Or, if you are wishing to have a relaxed evening you can control the lighting to access the specific preset to adjust the lighting to match the mood.

3. It’s Easy To Use

A few years ago we would have the continuous battle, with all the unnecessary buttons on a remote control to use a TV or DVD player. These days, technology has been designed to be user-friendly to users of all ages.

Unfortunately, there’s still a misconception with the older generation that technology is difficult to use. With home automation systems, we can guarantee that any user of any age will be able to operate the lighting system. Majority of the controls needed to operate the lighting is on one keypad.

4. Accessibility To Lighting Is Easier

If you live in a home which is larger than a normal standard size house. I’m sure that you can agree you get moments, you wish there is a simpler way to operate the lighting in your home. Great news, using a light control system in your home, you have full control over your lights from one location.

As we mentioned in the first point, in regards to having motion sensors placed in rooms with high activity, you can remotely program them to suit you. Additionally, you can also create programs for your lighting, prior to going to bed you can simply press a button, and all the main lights inside your home will turn off.

5. Home Security

When you hear the term “Home Security”, people would commonly picture having an alarm system in their homes. An advantage to using light control is that it can contribute to home security as a means of creating presets which will automatically operate you lights whilst you are not home. We all have those evening when we arrive late, as a precaution you can set the lighting to automatically operate during the evening to give an impression that someone is home. You can always add to your lighting control by using a small remote, which you can use to operate the outdoor lighting leading to your front door.