Video Conferencing can make you money
Video Conferencing can make you money

We are living in a world of reliable and forward-thinking technology, where video communication with family and friends is always a simple click away. We have become accustomed to dependable, efficient video chat that makes our lives easier and communication faster. The same can be said for our work lives, Visual collaborations are fast becoming the way to handle business and can make our daily business operations more effective. Video conferencing paves the way to maintaining and creating professional relationships, increases productivity and saves you time. As an extra bonus, you will feel the benefits of this technology in your pocket! Here are 3 ways that video conferencing will help you save money.

AVT believe that to save time is to save money.
When video communication is a simple click away we remove all the costs of transportation and every single minute that distance can create. With video conferencing, we can eliminate petrol prices, flights, accommodation and essentially create time for what is really important- getting down to business.

Spontaneity could create lasting relationships
Sometimes trying to gather a group of people at the same time and the same place can be more complicated than the agenda of the meeting itself. With geographical locations no longer creating a dilemma, conferencing can be held at the spur of the moment allowing for fast results and improving your and your clients overall work experience.

Let’s stretch that money…….
We are talking about getting flexible, with your hours that is. With Video Conferencing you open up an opportunity to offer your employees flexible hours. You can now allow your staff to work from home whilst having an easy and effective way to check-in through the day, providing you with the opportunity to save on office costs.

How often does your company utilise Video Conferencing?
Our Team at AVT pride themselves in being a part of one of the best video conferencing companies in South Africa. We have offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth and can assist you in choosing the right system for your video conferencing solutions in South Africa.