Since the development of video conferencing, it has made telecommunication more greater and easier to use. A cost-effective communication system that has taken the world by storm. Video meetings are now able to occur more regularly at the fraction of a cost.

Gone are the days where we were forced to travel long distances for one meeting, then travel back thereafter. Although some businesses still adopt that method, generally technology is becoming more involved in our daily lives.

For any meeting, either face to face or video meetings, it’s highly important that you are prepared for your meeting. Sadly, there are those rare occasions where we make a small mistake that everyone notices. Below we discover 3 mistakes which you should avoid in any video conference:

MISTAKE #1: Lack Of Knowledge About Equipment

If you are unaware how to operate the equipment for video meetings, it’s best that you make some time before the scheduled meeting to familiarise yourself with how it works. Talk to your local technician about teaching you the basics on the equipment, and thereafter practice as much as you can.

A great idea is to gather a group of people you trust and have a demo video conference with them, this will enable you to become more familiar with what happens during a video meeting. Use this type of opportunity to make errors, so that by the time your meeting arises, you will be more confident.

MISTAKE #2: Distractions

There is nothing worse in a meeting when either you or someone is a distraction during a meeting. There have been common incidents in video meetings when either one’s cell phone rings, there are outside interferences or even worse a colleague walks into the room and begins talking to you whilst you are trying to be in an important video meeting.

Some basic tips you need to follow prior to any video meeting:

  • Turn off all cell phones, clear the desk.
  • Close all windows and blinds.
  • Either you lock the door to the office you are in or you close it. But at the  same time put a sign on the door informing everyone that there is a meeting taking place in the room.

MISTAKE #3: Eye Contact

If you are unfamiliar with using video conference equipment, it’s common that you will be looking at the little square to see what other users see when looking at you. As a precaution rather place that view bar in the top center of the screen below your camera.

This will ensure that you are making eye contact with all participants instead of giving them an impression you are always looking downwards opposed to making eye contact.

For a lot of people, video meetings are still very new to a lot of people. At first, a video meeting can feel very strange, but the more you practice and use video conferencing more regularly. You will become more confident over time.

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