When you compare technology 10 years ago, to the technology being used nowadays, it’s jaw-dropping!

Gone are those moments when you’d either see in a movie or daydream about what technology would be like in the future, as of recently those images you’ve seen in the movies and dreams have all become a reality in our day to day lives, scary enough the technology keeps advancing.

2 Technologies specifically that were almost unheard of over a decade ago, that is now a reality:

Its obvious that technology has merged itself into our daily lives.

But, Did you know, as a homeowner, using Home Automation can benefit your home?

Let’s take a closer look at 10 reasons why as a homeowner you should consider using Home Automation systems:

1. The Ability To Control Electrical Appliances & Lighting, Ensuring Safety In Your Home

As a homeowner and parent, one of your main priorities is ensuring the safety of your family and your home. A great advantage to using home automation is that it will help you ensure your families safety. By using a simple technological device (I-Pads / Smart Phones), you will be able to have control over the lighting and small electronic devices around your home. Home Automation, helps you save electricity, using your device to control the lighting, you’ll have access to turning off lights which are unnecessarily being used or you can always schedule the lighting to turn on and off on a daily basis.

2. Home Security Using Automated Door Locking Systems

We can all admit we’ve sometimes left the house in a rush, that we forget to lock the door. Only to realise some time after of our error, and it can end up ruining our day as we stress about forgetting to lock the front door.

Here is where Home Automation, becomes a great advantage to all homeowners. If you have forgotten to lock the front door, you won’t have to worry, with a simple press of a button on your device you have access to locking the doors remotely. An added security benefit, you can monitor the time of day and who is accessing your home.

3. Security Cameras

Home security is a concern for all homeowners, especially when the crime rate is high or on the increase in your area. Using Home Automation, you will have access to see whats happening in your household remotely. Having security cameras around your home will help you monitor if any unwanted guests wish to access your home. Cameras will begin recording the moment movement is detected, or unless you schedule the cameras to record certain times of the day & night.

4. Temperature Adjustment

Depending on the season/weather, the temperature on the air-con systems will be adjusted to accommodate your comfort in the home. Sometimes we leave our homes forgetting we left the systems on, only to arrive a few hours later to find ourselves freezing cold, or sweating from the heat. Fortunately using Home Automation systems, you can remotely adjust the temperatures, saving you costs and energy. An added bonus is prior to your arrival at home, depending on the weather you can adjust the temperature to suit you on your arrival at home.

5. Saves You Time

Its visible in all our lives that we are always busy, sometimes we have to make unnecessary trips back home. Luckily, using a home automation system, it will help you save time which you can use for more important uses.

Yes, we do forget to lock doors, turn off lights, leave appliances on. Having remote access to a home automation system will save you so much time. With a press of a button, you’ll be able to lock the front door, turn off the lights you forgot to when leaving home and of course turn off appliances you mistakenly left operational.

6. Saves You Money & Makes Life Easier As A Homeowner

Using home automation systems in your home is guaranteed to save you money! It has a greater effect on your monthly bills, and reduces costs from household appliances which were left on whilst nobody was home.

Using a device to remotely control your home automation system, will give you full control to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

7. You Are Making A Valuable Contribution

Who would have thought, that using a home automation system makes a contribution to the economy?

By using a home automation system you are managing the usage of resources and energy that is only meant to be used whilst you and your family are home.

8. Takes Off A Burden

This point is not aiming at everyone, but specifically, it is aiming at those people who regularly worry about if their home is in order once they leave for the day. Using a home automation system, it will benefit those type of people greatly.

9. Control Your Home Remotely When Out Of Town

Often when a homeowner is required to travel for a certain period of time, there is always that minor stress about the status of their homes.

Many homeowners usually prefer to allow a neighbour/friend or relative they trust to either daily check up on their home or allow the person to stay in your home whilst you’re away, especially if you have pets. Using a home automation system, you can remotely monitor that your home is still in order.

10. Monitor Your Children

Home Automation systems are perfect for the parents. If you are a parent of an infant or toddler, you can easily monitor your child whilst in a different area of your home.

If your children are older, you can remotely monitor their arrivals to ensure they got home safe, as an added bonus you can remotely schedule the exterior lighting to turn on and off at a time you are expecting your loved ones to arrive home in the early hours of the morning after a night out.