In terms of home technologies, the possibilities are endless as to whats on offer in the markets these days. There are many devices that are out there these days.  Yes, some home technologies that are in the markets at the moment are quite pricey but have you considered the benefits they can provide, not only to you the homeowner/user but also to your home. They most commonly are designed to use minimal energy, saving you money.

The technologies we are about to mention to you, are hot on the market at the moment, some items may be a bit too costly for you but some may be of good use for you. Let’s take a look at 7 great technologies suitable for your home:


1.Lighting Control System

This is where home automation and light control system, become a perfect match “made in heaven”, one can say. Using a light control system, it helps you monitor your homes lights usage. Without having to press a light switch, you now have the power to operate your homes lighting with the use of a remote device. Added benefits, is that you can program your lighting to operate during specific times of the night, saving you money.


 2. Home Security System

A common concern, especially here in South Africa is the increase in crime rates. Doesn’t it worry you, as a homeowner that you could be next for a crime, especially if you reside in “hot spot” residential areas? A great idea is to have a home security installed in your home. With today’s automation technology, once you have a home security system installed, you won’t have to worry about having to always use the code pad, nowadays you can “upgrade” your security system to be synchronized  with a home automation system to operate your security.

3. Remote Control Device

This is where comes into play. Using a remote device, such as an I-Pad for example. With the correct applications and an automation system in your home, you can use your I-Pad to remotely control your home. Virtually your home is in your control, you can control various areas:

  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating/Cooling

The list is endless what you are able to control over your home.


 4.Audi-Visual Entertainment System

Whilst you are reading this, I’m sure a lot of people are screaming in their heads: “OH YEAH”. This is definitely a  great device to have in your home, especially when entertaining guests at your home. As we mentioned in the previous point about a remote control device such as an I-Pad, the previous point comes to play at this point too. Without having to worry about the hassles of making continuous trips to and fr, to change the music, the user now has the liberty of loading all their music onto one device, and from there you can remotely control and select all your music.

5. Smart Heating/Cooling System

Imagine if you were to walk into a room with the cooling system already operating by the time you arrive? Luckily, it’s very possible. With the “Smart” technologies, you can have remote access to your cooling/heating system for your home, you can program the temperature of the unit to suit your comfort. Using remote access too, if no one is home you can remotely turn the systems off or program it to operate once you arrive at home.

6.Motion Detectors

When you think of motion sensors, the most common response would be that it used more frequently in terms of security. Which is correct, as they do excel in this area. Good news, motion detectors/sensors can now be operated to trigger the lighting in your home. Imagine you are arriving home late at night, the walkway to your front door is dark. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable having lights to direct you to to the door? Using motion sensors, this is all possible.

Businesses are starting to use this initiative too, especially now that the Carbon Footprint initiative is in action. Businesses have motion sensors installed in their offices, once a person walks in the lights turn on automatically, and once the person leaves they automatically turn off. Saving the businesses a lot of money.

7. Surveillance Systems

Gone are the days when pretty much everyone, including criminals and the general public could identify where security cameras are placed in a building. These days, manufacturers have designed the cameras to be much smaller and discreet, without your knowledge you wouldn’t even know if a camera is watching you. For the homes, security camera manufacturers have designed cameras small enough for you to install around your home. Trespassers wouldn’t even realize you are watching them. Using a computer or remote device, you can have full access to your surveillance system.

Some other items to mention which are hot on the market for homeowners:

  • Universal remotes
  • Wireless Internet

Home technology is becoming the new mainstream these days, gone are the days where the rich sector were the only ones to have the latest technologies. These days manufacturers have designed products for the general public such as you and I. A bonus to the points mentioned in this blog, they can all be adapted to a home automation system.

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